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NEWS 2015

Sebastian Bieniek - "Years, Dollars, Problems and Kisses" exhibition at the Hol Gallery Vienna invitation.

Posted on 25.12.2015

When you have german TV you can see me on 30th of december there!
Link to the program.

Sebastian Bieniek, "Es geht um mein Leben", Pierre Krause, "Moderne Kunst", ARD.

Posted on 22.12.2015

The update of the "Doublefaced history" was published on this webside. Please follow the link to read it and to stay tuned.

Haper's Bazaar Art South America featured Sebastian Bieniek work. To see more, follow the "Doublefaced history" link.

Posted on 21.12.2015

Paintings from the new "Multiplications" serial are for the very first time posted on this page. The serial is working with the idea of merging content with it's form, which is a constant theme of Sebastian Bieniek's work.

Sebastian Bieniek, "20 000 Problems". 200 x 200 cm. Oil on canvas, 2015.

Posted on 19.12.2015

Sebastian Bieniek (alias Mr. Doublefaced) is one of the ten artists in the world who were invited to create an artwork for the fifth anniversary of Bazaar Art, China's first ever and most prestigious international art magazine.

Sebastian Bieniek Harper's Bazaar Art China invitation

Posted on 17.07.2015


In june 2015 Sebastian Bieniek visited Hong Kong to make a photo-shooting with the glamour-model Sveta Barbachova and the singer and actress Joey Yung who's is ranked 63rd on the 2014 Forbes China Celebrity 100, making her the most 'powerful' Hong Kong-based female singer in 2014.

Sebastian Bieniek, "Doublefaced 77". Joey Yung, Honk Kong, 06.05.2015.

Documentation (making of) video of the photo-shooting:

Photo-example of Sveta Barbachova by Sebastian Bieniek made also in Honk Kong:

Sebastian Bieniek, "Doublefaced No. 64" (with Sveta Barbachova). 06.05.2015 Hong Kong.
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