Doublefaced, a serial of photographs by Sebastian Bieniek - the history.

Doublefaced is a ongoing series of photographs by Sebastian Bieniek. It has became an important artwork among of the artists work, who created based on it other serials of photographs like "Secondfaced", "Bi-Faced", "Me & My Friends" and also paintings like "Two-Faced", "Triplefaced", "Duplicato" and "Facination".

The first "Doublefaced" photograph was created in August 2013. On the photograph is the 6 years son of Sebastian Bieniek, who refused to go to school at that day because he felt sick.

He said that the only thing he can do is to sit. After two hours sitting his father asked him whether he can smile. After he answered in the negative Sebastian Bieniek asked him whether he can at least draw a smile at his face. This was the very first photograph. The following two days Sebastian was thinking about the name. After the name was found Sebastian Bieniek started to publish every day a new "Doublefaced" photograph on his fb page.

"Doublefaced No. 1", august 2013. On the photograph Sebastia Bieniek's son at the age of six.

I took less than three weeks more and "Doublefaced" was suddenly everywhere.

The serial went viral, became famous and one of the best-known memes of the year 2013/2014.

In January 2014 Doublefaced was selected as one of the "Top 10 Body Art of 2013" by designboom magazine, the worlds biggest magazine for art, architecture and design. Just a few days later it became one of the "Top 2013 Photography" by designcollector magazine.

In the February 2014 five Doublefaced photographs were exclusively published by the German-based music publication, Intro magazine, which appeared in a edition of 130 000 printed pieces.

Sebastian Bieniek's preparing the model for the intro magazine shooting, december 2013.

Since April 2014 magazines from Germany, France, Mexico, Greece, Switzerland, Egypt and Saudi-Arabia have acknowledged that Sebastian Bieniek’s Doublefaced series was plagiarized in the Pharrell Williams' music video, Marilyn Monroe. Pharrell is the artist behind the 2013 summer hit, Happy (Pharrell Williams song).

Still from the Pharrell Willams video "Marylin Monroe" with a "Doublefaced" face by Sebastian Bieniek.

28 June - 26 July 2014 the "Doublefaced" photogaphs were exhibited in the renowned Nicola von Senger Gallery in Zurich.


"Doublefaces", exhibition view. Nicola von Senger Gallery, Zürich. June 2014.
Sebastian Bieniek in front of his "Doublefaced" photographs during the "Doublefaces" exhibition in the Nicola von Senger Gallery, Zurich.

Futher exhibitions in Menchester, New York, Warsaw, Budapest, Italy and Vienna followed.

The first large overview of 54 "Doublefaced" photographs were shown from the 16th september until the 1st of december 2014, during the exhibition "Brezel und andere Doppeldeutigkeiten" at the Yoshis Contemporary Art Gallery in Vienna, later renamed as Ho Gallery.

Sebastian Bieniek - "Brezel und andere Doppeldeutigkeiten". Exhibition view. Vienna 16th september 2014.
Exhibition visitors of the "Brezel und andere Doppeldeutigkeiten" exhibition at the Ho Gallery in Vienna.
Sebastian Bieniek exhibition's view of the upper floor of the Ho Gallery, september 2014.
Sebastian Bieniek and Kerstin Greiner during the "Brezel und andere Doppeldeutigkeiten" exhibition in Vienna, 2014.
Sebastian Bieniek and the DJ and music producer Ali Schwarz from Tiefschwarz at the "Brezel und andere Doppeldeutigkeiten" exhibtion in Vienna 2014.

On the 4th of march 2015, during the Fashion Week Paris, Sebastian Bieniek cooperated with the french fashion designer Simon Porte Jacquemus making his models "Doublefaced" and a part of the photo-serial. This cooperation come again on a wide coverage in the press.

marieclaire aboute the cooperation of Sebastian Bieniek with Jacquemus during the Paris Fashion Week 2015
Sebastian Bieniek is making Jacquemus models "Doublefaced" for the Paris Fashion Week 2015 (4th march 2015)
Sebastian Bieniek making photographs of the "Doublefaced" girls in the backstage of the Jacquemus show at the Paris Fashion Week 2015.
Sebastian Bieniek and Simon Porte Jacquemus, Paris 3th march. One day before Paris Fashion Week 2015.

During his stopovers for the "Doublefaced" photographs Sebastian Bieniek worked on another photo-serial based on the "Doublefaced" named "Me & My Friends".

Sebastian Bieniek's self-potrait in Paris. Actually "Me & My Friends No. 25". Part of the serial "Me & My Friends" 2015.

On 24th april 2015 six "Doublefaced" photographs made by Sebastian Bieniek were published in the Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazine, which appears in a edition of 1.000 000 printed pieces and is the largest magazine in south Germany.

Sebastian Bieniek's "Doublefaced" at the Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin, 24th april 2015.

In may 2015 Sebastian Bieniek was invited to Hongkong to make "Doublefaced" photographs of Joey Yung, who was ranked 63rd on the 2014 Forbes China Celebrity 100, making her the most 'powerful' Hong Kong-based female singer in 2014.

Sebastian Bieniek (a little tired after the photo-shooting) with "Doublefaced" Joey Yung, 2015 Hongkong.
Sebastian Bieniek, Hongkong 2015.

In september 2015 Bieniek's "Doublefaced" photographs were featured by Harper's Bazaar Art South America, the world largest spanish-language art magazine.

Feature about Sebastian Bieniek's "Doublefaced" artwork in Harper's Baazar Art South America.

Also in september 2015 Bieniek's painting "Two-Faced No. 3" that is (as many of his works) based on "Doublefaced" published in the teenVOGUE New York.

Sebastian Bieniek's painting "Two-Faced No. 3" in the teenVOGUE NY, september 2015.

In october 2015 Sebastian Bieniek continued the "Doublefaced" serial in cooperation with the japanese TV "Nippon TV". A documentation of his work and photographs was shown there in the variety-documentary “ITTEQ - Lets’ challenge the World” and reached over 20 million viewers.

The team of “ITTEQ - Lets’ challenge the World” during the working with Sebastian Bieniek.

At the same time the well-known japanese photography magazine "studio voice" wrote a feature about Bieniek's work.

Studio Voice feature about Sebastian Bieniek's work. October 2015.
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